Photographer Maaike van Haaster



After the success of her food + lifestyle photoshoot for the popular Dutch TV show, “Heel Holland Bakt” our very own Maaike van Haaster was invited to pitch for Ahold.

When it comes to food origin, and especially when it comes to animal welfare, transparency between the farmer, grocer and customer is a top priority. That’s why the Dutch grocer Albert Heijn launched ‘Check Je Ei’, a campaign for customers to trace exactly where their eggs came from and follow the journey from farm to table.

Maaike was commissioned to bring focus to Albert Heijn’s poultry farmers who supply Beter Leven quality eggs. With a talent for natural light photography and the ability to create a genuine connection with her subjects, Maaike worked with 45 Dutch farmers and of course, thousands of eggs to create this authentic and touching lifestyle campaign.


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