Bram Schilling

Documentary - Portraits - Film - Storytelling

Eternally curious, Bram is a natural storyteller with a background in filmmaking that seamlessly transitioned into photography. This hybrid creative balances his talent for still and moving images with a distinctive, cinematic approach towards capturing authentic stories. Bram is well-known for illuminating visuals with honest and emotive details to create meaningful advertising campaigns and documentaries that raise social awareness.

As a self-described dreamer with a nostalgic love for analogue photography, Bram is motivated to collaborate with brands that reflect his passion for combining storytelling with positive, social impact. With a naturally patient approach to his craft, Bram enjoys working with subjects who are not typically photographed. This down-to-earth perspective boosts his ability to authentically capture the true essence and raw beauty of a moment.

After studying filmmaking at Willem de Koning Academy, Bram further developed his commercial and post-production experience. This background shaped him into a versatile and technically-oriented filmmaker and photographer who is highly praised by clients as a friendly, reliable and detail orientated creative.

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What’s your favourite part of being a photographer?

I genuinely love interacting with people and am inspired to connect with others through my camera to share their stories. Fortunately, my job requires a fair amount of travel and working in new environments, which I find very exciting!

Share an impactful experience that shaped your career…

My biggest documentary project so far was in northern Sri Lanka. I followed the aftermath for the Tamil community after the end of the civil war. While there, I came across many impactful stories from those who were physically and emotionally affected by the war. This experience left me feeling compelled to share their stories through a portrait series titled, “The Disappeared.”

Do you have a preference between digital or analogue photography?

My commercial projects are primarily digital because that’s the most efficient for post-production and retouching. However, I have a nostalgic love for analogue photography because it is a more conscious organic process, especially with portraits. I am always excited to shoot with this medium whenever the opportunity presents itself.