Maaike van Haaster

Lifestyle - Beauty - Food - Kids

Maaike is a skilled photographer with a sharp eye for detail, a great sense for developing elegant aesthetics and thoughtful approach to creativity. Her ability to deeply connect with her subjects is clearly reflected in images that capture authentic emotions while retaining a feminine touch.

When developing creative concepts or shooting for lifestyle, food, beauty, and kids brands, she brings her vivid imagination and joyful attitude into every project. Inspired by Picasso who once said, “Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”, Maaike’s encouraging creative spirit and graceful determination are key traits that allow her to easily translate creative concepts into fresh and engaging visuals. This unique skill set is evident when shooting beauty product campaigns, perfecting light and texture for food photography or embracing the unpredictability of working with children.

Maaike’s natural sense of style and composition strengthen her experience as a visual storyteller. Her career began over a decade ago, as a stylist and media producer. This hands-on experience with light, composition and colour naturally sparked her curiosity for photography. From that period on, exciting, new opportunities unfolded as her career branched out, this time behind the lens.

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Q & A

Describe your style?

I love to combine powerful compositions with bright colours to create real emotions.

What inspires or motivates your creative vision?

I find inspiration in many different places—this can be anything from discovering new cities to the diverse colours found in nature, artisans working with raw materials or even the energy of a crowd during a concert.

What’s the intention of your work?

My goal has always been to create compelling, timeless images that resonate with an audience. I always consider how to bring out the best in my subjects—whether that’s a celebrity portrait, a beauty campaign, or shooting a recipe for a new cookbook.