Photographer Pim Hendriksen

Fetch Car Sharing x Renault Nederland


We managed this Fetch x Renault photography project every step of the way—from creative consultation to post production.

Renault Nederland assigned photographer Pim Hendriksen for two very different shoots a lifestyle automotive shoot and the brand activation images of the launch of the Fetch car sharing service in Amsterdam. Pim is well-known by Renault, their collaboration on high-end automotive shoots has been going strong for a few years now.

For the lifestyle shoot we planned and managed a full-service production. Fetch car sharing service is only available in Amsterdam and for that reason we used IJburg, the Amsterdam World Trade Center and the closeby beachside in Zandvoort/Bloemendaal as locations of this shoot.

The cast consistent of a lead model that used Fetch car sharing service for multiple parts of his life: the business meeting, catching up with friends and a family outing. This multi-day shoot wouldn’t have been as smooth without our strong styling and hair & make-up team. We embrace the power of collaboration. Learn more about our services.

Fetch AMS_brand_activation_1.jpg