Porsche Marché Macan Mood Film by Pim Hendriksen


At the beginning of 2018, our photographer Pim Hendriksen was approached by creative agency ACHTUNG! mcgarrybowen with the request to shoot new material for a campaign they created for Porsche Macan. 

ACHTUNG! came up with the idea of matching the Macan with several, selected premium goods, like Le Labo perfumes, Glenmorangie Scottish whiskey and traditional French maccarons. The campaign's film is built on the idea that Macan drivers would rather drive across borders to pick up a premium good themselves, instead of having it delivered to their doorstep. Every opportunity to drive the Macan is a joy in itself... 

Pim was asked to create a mood film (find below) in Porsche's recognizable, high-quality style. The campaign, which is currently live, can be found here.

Esprix Bronze Winner category Sales promotions & Activations 2019