SPOOR Magazine NS


After having collaborated on previous projects, we were approached again by MPG.today with the request to do photo production of SPOOR Magazine of the Dutch railway organisation NS.

The team of freelance photographers we collaborated with went all over the Netherlands to shoot lifestyle images for the citytrip reportages in Middelburg and Amsterdam. Photographer Anouk de Kleermaeker did a portrait shoot with forest conservationist Marieke Schattelijn on the beautiful country estate Elswout.  Photographer Petra Hoogerbrug had a great session with museum director Ype Koopmans of More Museum in Gorssel. Photographer and writer Joline van den Oever was off to Düsseldorf, the city that has much more to offer than just beer gardens and carnival... Illustrator Caroline Cracco did a fantastic job on the city map illustrations of this issue.

Subscription holders of NS receive the magazine SPOOR Magazine five times a year.