Pim Hendriksen


Pim Hendriksen


Pim has a long track record of shooting photography campaigns for automotive (and other transportation) advertising. With a true affinity for cars, motorbikes and basically everything that moves fast, these are the type of projects he finds great joy working on. He has been lucky enough to work with the 'greats' in transportation, ranging from well-known brands like Porsche to Yamaha and Transavia. Pim's distinctive photography style is well reflected into this work; creating outdoor shots that are beautifully framed and lighted, containing a striking motion blurred background. Similarly, his interior shots are characteristically clean and colourful as he perfectly highlights the smoothness of its design. Again, his interest in the technicalities of these shoots serve him and the end results well.

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Visit his website: Pim Hendriksen or Instagram page showcasing his automotive photography.

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