We are an Amsterdam-based, boutique agency representing an energetic team of talented photographers. We are committed to offering impactful storytelling and find inspiration within new challenges. Our team combines innovative thinking with artistic versatility to craft eye-catching visuals for commercial brands and international ad agencies.



Founders story

Founded in 2015, Joffra Creative Management bridges the gap between talented photographers and diverse brands, resulting in captivating visual storytelling.

It all began with an interest in photojournalism, combined with natural intuition and the unique ability to understand the needs of both the photographer and the client.

Launching her own agency was a natural progression, after eight successful years working in media and communications for corporate clients and ad agencies with Hollandse Hoogte. During those years, she noticed many photographers struggle to put a value on their work and realised that her expertise could help.

Extroverted and driven by curiosity, Joffra enjoys fostering new connections in the advertising industry. Inspired by her entrepreneurial family, the big step to venture out on her own was inevitable.

Her management style combines an innovative, flexible and engaging work ethic with a down to earth approach—pairing brands with photographers whose expertise and vision are compatible.

Outside of the office, she enjoys travelling and spending quality time with her partner and two children. “I find delight in aesthetics, there’s something extraordinary about turning a blank canvas into something beautiful,” says Joffra. “Whether developing a creative concept with my team or rolling out a personal home renovation project, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty!” 




What’s your personal philosophy?
“I believe that photography should not exist simply to fill space—it really has to mean something. I’m proud of the visual stories we create because they evoke emotion and inspire diverse audiences.”

What’s in store for the future?
“I look forward to expanding our roster to include a few new photographers while diversifying into different markets.”

What inspires you?
“I have an affinity with creative people and view other creative entrepreneurs as a source of encouragement. The creative industry leads the way to set a cultural tone and it’s a rapidly changing, fast paced field to work in which is a very exciting!”