About us.

We are a boutique agency representing an energetic team of talented photographers. Our team combines innovative thinking with artistic versatility to craft eye-catching visuals for commercial brands and international ad agencies.

Photo: Maaike van Haaster

Joffra Westerlaken

Founded in 2015, Joffra Creative Management pairs brands with photographers whose expertise and vision are compatible.

It all began with an interest in photography, combined with natural intuition to understand the needs of both the photographer and the client. Her management style combines an innovative, flexible and engaging work ethic with a down to earth approach.

Outside of the office, she enjoys travelling and spending quality time with her partner and two children. “I find delight in aesthetics, there’s something extraordinary about turning a blank canvas into something beautiful,” says Joffra. “Whether developing a creative concept with my team or rolling out a personal home renovation project, I don’t mind getting my hands dirty!”

Photo: Maaike van Haaster

Judith de Ruiter

Early 2020 Judith de Ruiter joined Joffra Creative Management. Judith worked as a freelance beauty, fashion and culinary producer for various brands,  magazines and companies. Because of her extensive experience and her eye for detail, she is very adept at translating concepts into a nice production work flow with great imagery as an end result. She is a creative all-rounder who needs one word for it and does not shy away from a challenge.

Our office

We have recently set up office at one of the most sustainable and circular office buildings in Utrecht, Campus Copijn.