Personal work by Pim Hendriksen

Personal work by Pim Hendriksen



Joffra | Creative Management is an Amsterdam-based boutique agency representing several talented advertising photographers. In addition, we are experienced in producing high-end (inter)national photo shoots, both commercial and editorial. We provide this service to our own talent, but also to clients and other, independent photographers.  

What we offer


We aim to deliver the highest quality of work to our clients. Our services mainly consist of:

  • Helping clients to find the right visual identity for their brand. We consult them in defining the right photographic style and key visuals, resulting in a clear photography brief.

  • Researching, selecting and finding all the photography, motion or illustrations needed for the client’s magazine, website or campaign.

  • Producing and fully coordinating photo shoots for clients (instructing the crew of cast members, stylists, make-up artists, set dressers and photographers).


Our efforts are completely curated to their professional needs. In short, we:

  • Act as a representative to build awareness for the photographers’ work.

  • Pursue market opportunities, including estimates on editorial and commercial assignment requests.

  • Negotiate budgets with clients on all aspects of a photographic project (from initial concept to final execution).

  • Offer full-service photo production. With great locations, perfect casting, exact planning and flexible coordination in accordance with the creative process for the photographer.



Joffra | Creative Management was founded by Joffra Westerlaken in 2015, with the sole purpose of creating a meaningful bridge between photographers and clients. Joffra started her career at the top Dutch photo agency, Hollandse Hoogte. Her specialty here was to bring large corporate clients in contact with the right portfolio or photographer for their needs. After Hollandse Hoogte, she started Joffra | Creative Management, where she could best translate both the artistic and practical sides of photography to match the desired look and outcome for clients.