Tjitske Agricola.

Situated in the lively city of Rotterdam, Tjitske Agricola is a versatile lifestyle advertising photographer who focuses on children’s advertising and fashion photography.  Tjitske excels in the art of skillfully navigating the chaos and unpredictability inherent in working with children and people in general.

Tjitske’s journey into specializing in children’s photography has a fascinating origin. Initially aspiring to be a child psychologist, her passion for photography gradually took center stage, compelling her to alter her educational path. The shift in focus from psychology to photography reflects Tjitske’s evolving interests and the powerful pull of visual storytelling. This unique background contributes to her ability to connect with young models on a deeper level, capturing not just their outer appearances but also delving into the nuances of their personalities.

Her creative process is intimately tied to her favorite piece of gear, the 35 mm lens. This choice reflects her preference for being in close proximity to the subjects she captures, allowing her to establish a more intimate photographic experience. The 35 mm lens not only enables her to be physically close to her subjects but also infuses her photography with a unique playfulness adding an element of spontaneity and joy to her work.

Tjitske’s engaging and playful style resonates well with the youngest models