Conor Vella.

Conor enjoys a unique position amongst photographers in that most of his shoots are of brand new, super-secret products or precious, one-off, art pieces that are incredibly delicate and completely irreplaceable. In this position, his energetic and detail-oriented nature and playful character brings these products to life, and to the world.

His favourite camera growing up was in the shape of a Coors Lite beer can held sideways, which shot 35mm and had a pop-up flash. After graduating in 2010 from the Fine Print department at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin he started assisting many famous photographers learning from their individual approaches to photography.

Conor’s creative process revolves around watching, imagining and practicing. With David LaChapelle’s quote in the back of his mind “Always remember as an artist you can create whatever you want at any moment.”, he’s ready to get to the next level and share his creativity with the world.

Conor Vella is a still life photographer who loves to accentuate texture with vivid light.