ABM Adyen Platforms – Pim Hendriksen

Adyen, a valued and cherished client, we reflect on a journey filled with creativity, collaboration, and capturing the essence of an incredible brand and company. Our mission was clear: to visually represent Adyen’s cutting-edge payment solutions and vibrant corporate culture through a series of captivating images.

Tasked with this exciting project, we enlisted the expertise of Pim Hendriksen, a seasoned photographer known for his ability to infuse warmth and dynamism into advertising photography. Pim Hendriksen has been at the forefront of this venture, leading the team in translating Adyen’s unique identity into a visual narrative that resonates with their audience.

The photoshoot encompassed a diverse range of scenes, seamlessly blending payment-centric visuals with snapshots of the vibrant lifestyles that Adyen empowers. From showcasing the seamless integration of their payment solutions in various settings, every image aimed to convey Adyen’s commitment to innovation and the human element behind the brand.

Adyen’s commitment to excellence and its reputation for providing top-notch payment solutions inspired us to create a visual story that goes beyond the transactional aspect. Through Pim Hendriksen’s lens, we aimed to showcase the human side of Adyen, emphasizing the company’s role in facilitating smooth transactions that enable individuals to embrace and enjoy life to the fullest.


  • Photography: Pim Hendriksen