Affligem – Pim Hendriksen

Especially for Affligem we went back to the year 1074. For their new campaign, photographer Pim Hendriksen brought the handcraft back into the visual. A setting with monks, beer with foaming collars and knights made it a very successful campaign. As they would say in Belgium: “Schoon hè”.


  • Client: Affligem
  • Agency: Sunshine & Sausages
  • Photography: Pim Hendriksen
  • Post-Production: Nicolo Muraca & Pim Hendriksen
  • Production: Joffra Creative
  • Producer: Joffra Westerlaken
  • Beer styling: Hans Hogervorst
  • Food styling: Hester Oppendijk van Veen
  • Styling wardrobe: Judith de Ruiter
  • Grime: Timothy Radstaat
  • Casting: Judith de Ruiter
  • Models: Bram, Toby & Rick
  • Location: Archeon