Keune Power Couples – Pim Hendriksen

Discover the Strength of the Duo

Keune values the strength of the individual, but even more so the strength of two people coming together. For this project, the “Power Couple” duo of photographers Conor Vella and Pim Hendriksen, both represented by Joffra Creative, were tasked with capturing the key visuals and product photography. This is the showcase of the looks Pim shot for the Power Couples campaign.


  • Client: Keune Haircosmetics
  • Photographer: Pim Hendriksen
  • Post-production: Nicolo Muraca & Pim Hendriksen
  • Production: Joffra Creative
  • Hair & Make-Up: Magdalena Loza
  • Video: Arjan Ottema
  • Studio: Ernstige Zaken